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ASHEVILLE, N.C. — A new medical procedure dubbed the “vampire facial” is gaining popularity after celebrities like Kim Kardashian tried it. In folklore, vampires live forever by feeding on other people’s blood. But in reality, you can use your own blood for more youthful skin.

“A vampire facial is a very crafty name for a facial that uses your body’s own blood to rejuvenate the skin,” said Dr. Jamal Bullocks, Kelsey Seybold. “Compared to Botox and all of the other facial fillers and facial products, this is the most natural. Compared to a normal facial, it uses chemicals and oils and lotions and such that you can be allergic to or you can have reactions to or can actually be toxic to the skin. That compared to using your body’s own blood that you are already adapted to.”

First, they draw blood from a person’s arm and put it into a machine called a centrifuge. The centrifuge separates the platelet-poor plasma, the platelet-rich plasma and the buffy coat.

Once it’s all separated, they put a numbing cream on your face and begin the micro-needling. That helps the skin absorb those platelets.

“Microneedling is less painful, it’s much quicker and it sort of replaces what we call a lighter, medium-depth peel,” said Dr. Franklin Rose, Utopia Plastic Surgery. “So it’s taking the place of certain chemical peels.”

Next — and here’s how the facial gets its name — the person’s blood is smeared all over his or her face.

The blood is left on for a few hours and the deed is done, but it needs to be done by a medical professional.

It turns out the cost of eternal youth isn’t cheap. One of these facials will set you back about $800, and many folks don’t mind paying the price and love it.

“It’s just a deeper penetration using your own blood, you are really getting in there,” said Lina Matar, who undwerwent PRP Treatment. “So I think it’s more dramatic of a procedure, but I’ll do whatever it takes.”