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HOUSTON (CW39) Ask any doctor what the most important vitamin is and they’ll tell you it’s Vitamin D! CW39 fitness expert Lindsey Day spoke with Dr. Krupka, DC, CFMP who agreed.

It came to be known as a bone related vitamin. However, “make no bones about it,” over the last couple of decades scientists discovered Vitamin D plays a powerful role in so much more. Improving our mood, energy, immune system, and inflammation are among the benefits.

It can get your initial defenses a little bit stronger. Obviously that’s important to us these days.
Vitamin D levels are checked in standard blood work.

Andy Jones says he was feeling out of it, so he went to his doctor.

“I was feeling a little lethargic and I just wanted to have everything checked out,” Jones said. “Turns out, my vitamin d level was extremely low.”

Jones’ docter had him supplement with Vitamin D. A couple months later, he said “it’s really improved my metabolism and my energy levels are much higher than they were before. I sleep better as well, which is interesting,” Jones said.

Did you know sunshine has benefits beyond what this dropper bottle can offer? Getting some sunshine alongside the supplement can improve how effective the supplement is in the body.

There are definitely benefits to getting in the sun that goes well beyond vitamin d as far as mood is concerned. And people’s ability to concentrate, think, and be focused and be optimistic, so having a blend of supplementation and sun exposure makes sense.