HOUSTON (KIAH) — Getting to go to three college basketball games for under $70 is a good deal.

When the three games in question are the national semifinals and final — it’s a great deal!

That’s what’s available on third-party ticket websites right now.

As of Friday, a full-session pass — which includes the two, Final Four games on Saturday and Monday’s National Championship — were listed for as low as $65 on StubHub.com.

Ticket prices went down considerably after the University of Houston and the University of Texas were eliminated from the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament last weekend.

The Final Four and National Championship will be played at NRG Stadium in Houston, and thousands of Cougar and Longhorn fans bought tickets early in the tournament, hoping to see their teams compete for a title on what would have amounted to a home court.

Their departure from the tournament left fans with tickets they no longer wanted which ended up flooding the third-party websites.

The availability of affordable tickets can also be credited in part to the teams that did make the Final Four not being traditional basketball powerhouses.

The University of Miami, San Diego State University, and Florida Atlantic University making their Final Four debuts.

The outlier is the University of Connecticut.

The Huskies of UConn have made the national semifinals five times — going on to win four national titles.