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HOUSTON — The People’s New Black Panther Party officially renounced Quanell X as a group member and the organization’s leader after at least 14 lawsuits were filed against the famed civil rights activists.

On Thursday, the party held a press conference allowing those allegedly victimized by the former party leader to speak out. The party recently investigated allegations from multiple residents that claim Quanell X stole money from them after agreeing to help them with their legal cases.

“Quanell X has been stealing money from the same community he claims to serve,” National Chairman Yahcanon Ben Yah said.

Quanell X has been an outspoken activist in the community on many high profile cases. However, now the party is calling him out as an alleged fraud with claims he has abused the public for more than a decade.

“We’re not in contact with all the people’s lawyers,” Ben Yah added. “We’re just directing them on how to go about getting their money back.”

Ben Yah said at least two individuals have been able to get their money back so far.

The party leaders say they are setting the record straight and have cut all ties with Quanell X.

“Let the people know that we do not condone his actions,” Ben Yah declared. “He is not a part of us. He is not our leader, even though this is what he claims on all his social websites.”

Ben Yah now has this warning for the community: “If you give him your money, he will take your money– without any kind of service at all whatsoever.”

NewsFix reached out to Quanell X for comment on these allegations, but so far we have not had a response from him.

A Facebook page has been created for the alleged victims of Quanell X. The party encourages the public to visit the page and hear the stories for themselves.

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