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HOUSTON—Retired NBA player and former bad boy Dennis Rodman announced a new business venture that has him calling Houston his home.

Rodman, who was often called “the best rebounding forward in NBA history,” has taken center court once again as the new head of business development at

Rodman’s new office will be station in the city of Houston on the Richmond Strip. However, the former player is no stranger to Texas. The power forward played for the San Antonio Spurs and the Dallas Mavericks during his illustrious career.

In addition to ticket sales, the website also offers the unique option to purchase premium packages. Clients may want to shoot free throws with a current or retired basketball star or take batting practice at an MLB game. You can even have dinner with a TV or movie star or attend a Hollywood party as a VIP.

“Well, the coolest thing I’ve done lately, besides my recent trip, is that I’m part of a major corporation called,” Rodman said. “These guys are a leaders in event ticket sales. They invest in major events worldwide: Super Bowl, NBA, Final Four— every concert on the planet! Hamilton, you name it, man! It’s a perfect fit for me because I love sports and I love music.”