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HOUSTON — The Harris County Constable’s Office has released the mugshots and identities of 40 suspects arrested during the constable’s office undercover operations to eliminate sex trafficking and prostitution in the north Houston area.

After receiving complaints of wide spread prostitution and many other crimes that are attributed with it from residents and business owners in the north Spring area, the constable’s offices initiated an undercover operation focusing on the suspected prostitutes and their clients.

Investigators were also able to identify and recover four female victims of Human Trafficking, who were allegedly being forced into prostitution, the constable’s office said.

A total of 44 people were reportedly arrested during the operation and over $1,100.00 were seized during the course of the operation.

“We have taken a firm stance on identifying and assisting human trafficking victims and eradicating prostitution from the neighborhoods and business districts of Precinct 4. The names and photographs of the human trafficking victims are being withheld,” Constable Mark Herman said.


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According to the constable’s office, the operation led to the arrest of 38 persons for class B misdemeanor prostitution. Within the 38 arrested for prostitution, there were 12 female prostitutes, 1 male prostitute and 25 suspected male Johns soliciting undercover investigators posing as prostitutes. One of the males was also charged with felon in possession of a weapon. Several drug and narcotic charges were also filed on various Johns, deputies said.

Five of the alleged pimps forcing the females to sell their bodies for money were identified and arrested for felony promotion of prostitution. One of the alleged pimps was found to be delivering a prostitute with a stolen handgun and 2-year-old child in the vehicle at the time. Felony charges for child endangerment and tampering with evidence were filed.

“Street level prostitution is the driving force behind much of the demand for human trafficking, and this operation we feel may have rescued potential victims from the streets and prevented other crimes in Precinct 4,” the office said in a press release.