HPD: Local business owner outraged over tickets offers hitman $2,000 to kill police officer

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HPD fakes officer’s death in order to capture murder-for-hire suspect

HOUSTON — A local business man is behind bars after plotting to murder a police officer because he was outraged over receiving multiple tickets, according to the Houston Police Department. Investigators reportedly caught the suspect after faking the officer’s death and the suspect giving $2,000 to an undercover agent posing as a professional killer.

Mohammed Mohamed, 47, is charged with solicitation of capital murder.

“If someone is willing to kill a member of the Houston Police Department because he got too many tickets. If someone is willing to hire someone to attack someone with acid, that person not only poses a serious threat to that officer but also poses a serious threat to this community,” HPD Chief Art Acevedo said at a press conference Tuesday.

Mohamed owns a logistics and chipping business that had received multiple public nuisance violation after reports of too many vehicles being parked out front, police said.

“The suspect wanted the officer dead because he believed [the officer] was interfering with his business operations,” Acevedo said. “In order to get his business up to code, [the suspect] indicated to a witness that it would cost him tens of thousands of dollars to accomplish it.”

The police chief said the suspect’s initial desire was to disable the officer by hiring someone to splash him with acid, but the suspect eventually came to the conclusion that pain wasn’t enough— he wanted the officer dead.

“‘I don’t want to just maim this officer, I don’t want to just injure this officer, I want him killed because this is the only way [the problem] is going to go away,'” Acevedo said illustrating the suspect’s thought process.

In late May, the police department learned the business owner was plotting to kill a Houston police officer, so an undercover investigator was sent to meet with him. However, the suspect had one condition: he would not meet with the hitman until after Ramadan.

In an effort to keep himself from being extorted by the hitman, police said Mohamed would only meet under the cover of night and would conceal his face with bandannas and baseball caps. At the first meeting, the suspect agreed to pay the hitman $500 down-payment to execute the officer and then $1,500 once the deed was done.

Within the following weeks, the police department staged the targeted officer’s death. The suspect was sent pictures making it appear the policeman was killed in a violent robbery.

Mohamed was later arrested after going to meet the undercover officer to hand him the remaining payment.


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