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HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — The Harris County Sheriff’s Office has captured a suspect wanted after the disappearance and murder of a local woman in north Houston, Sheriff Ed Gonzalez confirmed during a press conference Wednesday morning.

Jeffery Andre McDonald, 46, was found taking off his clothes while standing in the middle of Lockwood Drive Tuesday night. He was spotted by nearby officers who detained the suspect without incident and ran his ID before learning a warrant was out for his arrest.

“He appeared to be under the influence of some type of drug, so therefore, they transported him over to the hospital to be checked out,” Lt. Christopher Sandoval said. “Once he gets out, he’ll be interviewed extensively about [the case].”

McDonald is charged with murder following the death of Rebecca Suhrheinrich, 58. During the investigation, homicide detectives learned Suhrheinrich and the suspect had been romantically involved for about a month.

“Again, this is corroborated by witnesses we talked to out at the scene,” Sandoval said. “They’ve seen him at various times at the apartment, so therefore we can put him there. We have linkage of him being there, knowing her and having this relationship.”

Court documents released Wednesday shed light on the gruesome unravelings of the investigation.

The victim was reported missing after family members were unable to contact her and she failed to show up to work. Suhrheinrich was a resident at the Trials of Dominion Park Apartments, where the management team reportedly discovered copious amounts of blood and signs of a struggle while conducting a welfare check on behalf of the victim’s son on July 27.

Deputies said neighbors reported hearing a scream and other commotion from the victim’s apartment around 11:30 the night before. The following morning, McDonald was allegedly seen driving Suhrheinrich’s vehicle, a 2018 Ford Escape, into the complex. When officers later confiscated the SUV, court documents state the cargo area and steering wheel were covered in blood.

Investigators believe the suspect dismembered Suhrheinrich’s body, wrapped it in a bed sheet and then discarded her remains in Green’s Bayou.

According to court documents, at some point, McDonald called a family member to pick him from a park along the bayou. The relative— completely unaware of the murder— told investigators McDonald was acting anxious and frantic.

He later took a bath and nap before waking up and demanding his relative give him cleaning products and a ride back to the park. The family member complied, fearing the suspect’s enraged behavior.

On Tuesday, investigators were led to Green’s Bayou where a woman’s body was found floating in the water. Medical examiners are still conducting an autopsy and verifying the victim’s identity, but detectives seem confident it’s the body of Suhrheinrich.

“However, we’re working under the premise that that’s probably going to be her,” Sandoval said.