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PASADENA, Texas— Civil Rights lawyer Randall Kallinen and the parents of a Pasadena teen held a press conference to address the Pasadena ISD school administration board and the Pasadena police for mishandling the teens sickness.

According to Kallinen, Jazmin Garcia, 15, started feeling dizzy Friday Jan. 26,  at Memorial High School when her math teacher called the principal who then took Garcia to the school nurse in a wheelchair.

School officials took off her sweater, searched her shoes, pockets and belongings for drugs and found nothing. Garcia was questioned about drug use by the nurse and continued to deny being under the influence.

“Jazmin should have been immediately taken to a hospital and her parents called,” said Kallinen. ” Denying Jazmin medical care and failing to calling her parents is very risky business and something needs to be done.”

Following the incident Garcia went to her family doctor for a checkup and had a full drug screen performed, which she tested negative for.

Despite bringing the drug screen test results to principal Jon Thompson on Monday Jan. 29, Garcia was suspended from school for three days and recommended for expulsion.

“The school administration has been given every opportunity to do the right thing, but they are more interested in punishing a good student than worrying about a serious illness,” said lawyer for Jazmin, Gene Wu.

Garcia, her family and attorneys are currently filing an appeal.