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HOUSTON —TMO clergy members and leaders are meeting Tuesday at Christ Church Cathedral to recognize Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee for efforts to extend D-SNAP services in Harris County.

“TMO recognizes congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee for listening to the cry of the people,” said TMO.

The original D-SNAP deadline passed more than a week ago. But the congresswoman said the extremely long lines made it obvious, too many people still need the benefits.  She reached out to president Donald Trump and the department of agriculture on behalf of the county.

“It is not a hand out. It is a hand up. We are in the disaster period as declared by the president of the United States.”

Those who qualify have the rest of this week to sign up for their lone star card at Alexander Deussen Park.

“This will be a two-month period that will take people through the Thanksgiving season and almost to the holiday season. And, you can not do D-SNAP online.”

The center will be open from 8am until 7pm. The address is 12303 Sonnier Road.

“And all you have to do is bring your ID and documentation that you are in the disaster area and you have been impacted by the disaster.”

Wonder if you qualify? Visit the health and human services website at  Finding out if you’re eligible is a snap!

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