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HOUSTON – Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner appear to have ended their debate on how the state should use its more than $10 billion rainy day fund… and all it took was a check for $50 million. That just happens to be the amount of money Turner estimated his proposed property tax hike would bring in, so with the additional funding in place, he dropped the proposal.

The check essentially appears to be a peace offering between Abbott and Turner, who have gone back and forth on whether or not a special legislative session should be called to allow for a vote on the distribution of some of the rainy day funds for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Turner made that request to the governor on Monday, but Abbott turned down the request, saying the city has hundreds of millions of dollars in funds that it can draw from already.

After sitting down on Friday, the two appear to have met in the middle, with Abbott admitting that “rebuilding Texas is going to require using the Texas rainy day fund,” and Turner conceding that  Houston is “not going to be able to get everything done on a short term basis, but we’re going to work collectively together to get it done.”

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