HOUSTON (KIAH) — According to the American Trucking Associations, the trucking industry hauled 72.2% of all freight transported back in 2021. This critical job is in dire need of more truck drivers.

Based on the Supply & Demand Chain Executive, a driver shortage still remains an ongoing issue and truck drivers are important to the supply chain. The American Trucking Association says that the trucking industry is looking at an 80,000 shortage. In an effort to improve retention rates, the question is why are the workers leaving the industry?

According to the SDC Executive, here are few tips that could help with driver rentention:

  • Make sure drivers have the necessary tools to be successful
  • Create a professional work environment
  • Prioritize mental health for drivers
  • Build better teamwork

Also based on a report from the SDC Executive, a huge reason that drivers are leaving the profession is because of the way they’re treated. Some drivers say it can be hard to stay motivated when your work goes unnoticed. Mental health disorders in the industry were also causes of concern for workers. See mental health resources for truck drivers here.

Overdrive states that ninety-six percent of Americans believe that truck drivers are an important part to our economy and that there should be more focus on retaining current drivers.

If interested in truck driving training, Lone Star College’s Continuing Education division is offering training through its Truck Driver CDL Occupational Skills Award program. You can learn more on its website.