What do you really know about blood donations? Educate yourself!

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HOUSTON -- Have you given blood lately? Well in this world full of tragedy and pain, blood donations could mean the difference between life and death.

"We have just now started with two facilities in Harris County, sending them whole blood products," said Joshua Buckley, Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center.

Most people probably think all ambulances carry blood, but that is not true.

Harris County Emergency Services District 48 and Cypress Creek EMS now transport blood in cars, thanks to the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center, which supplies three types of blood products for emergency situations.

"The ultimate game changer is for the patients, I think it;s been extremely successful. We are up to about 40 patients. We've had no negative outcomes and we look at each case individually," Eric Bank, asst. chief of Harris County EMS.

Recently, a Katy woman received a life-saving whole blood donation, which was the first on-the-ground whole blood transfusion in Texas.

"The signs and symptons guided us to say, 'This patient needs blood products,'" Bank said.

It is not necessary to know your blood type, the professionals can handle that.

Bank explained they commonly use O positive for about 85 percent of patients -- and they use O negative, the true universal donor type, for women in child bearing years.

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