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HOUSTON (CW39) – If you’ve lived around Houston for long, you have likely heard about watersheds. It is important to know what a watershed is and which one you live in, especially during big rain events.

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A watershed is an area of land or drainage area that drains rainfall runoff or storm water into a common body of water, mostly creeks and bayous here in Harris county.

So why should we know about them? Matthew Zeve, the Deputy Executive Director for the Harris County Flood Control district explains.

“Every single watershed in Harris County is unique. It has different flood problems, it has different drainage issues and we are doing different projects in different watersheds. We don’t build projects like this in the Buffalo Bayou watershed because there’s really no land to build anymore, but we do different types of projects in different watersheds. It’s just like knowing what neighborhood you live in. I think everyone in Harris County should know what watershed they live in,” said Zeve.

There are 22 watersheds in Harris County.

If you would like to find out more about them, including which one you live in, click here.