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HOUSTON — Silent protest at City Hall, a die-in of sorts, shedding light on the many cyclists who have died on Houston streets. Protesters demanded safer roads and for drivers to be held accountable for bicycle fatalities and accidents.

Deaths like Sudipta Roy, who was riding near Rice University on April 24 when a dump truck fatally hit her. Attorney Robert Kwok’s filing a restraining order against the owner of the dump truck, so evidence related to the incident can be preserved. Hoping to show that Roy wasn’t at fault and force the city to make changes to the dangerous intersection.

And again, Tuesday morning! In northwest Houston a cyclist riding down Barker Cypress near Morton Road was stuck by a vehicle and taken by Lifeflight to Memorial Hermann Hospital. The accident is still under investigation.

A hot topic. And as Houston heats up, the bikes will hit the streets. Be safe out there Houston.