HBU football player accused of raping intoxicated woman on campus in custody

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HOUSTON — Houston Baptist University student-athlete Dennis Houston was arrested by Harris County deputies Saturday morning, according to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

Houston, 18, and Kyler Henson, 22, are accused of drugging a woman at a party and then sexually assaulting her at HBU’s Husky Village Apartments on Oct. 29, according to court documents. HBU has suspended the suspects from any participation of recreational sports on campus.

According to court documents, the victim attended a party and received a spiked drink from an unknown suspect. After several sips of her drink, the victim began to feel sick and blacked out several times. Two student witnesses tried to help the victim, but she left with a group of men from the party.

Investigators said Henson assaulted the victim in the back seat of a car as the woman drifted in and out of consciousness. According to campus police, the sexual assault continued at Henson’s apartment. The victim regained consciousness and verbally defended herself from the two suspects.

Houston claims he didn’t touch the victim.

However, officers said Henson admitted to having sex with the victim. When asked about consent, he is quoted in court documents as saying, “why do I need consent?”

HBU’s director of athletics released the following statement:

“We are greatly saddened for all involved. We had already taken the action of suspending the two athletes from participation pending the outcome of the investigation. There are policies and procedures in place here at HBU for this sort of situation, and those have been followed precisely. We are cooperating fully with the District Attorney’s office on the matter. As a university, we have made accommodations for the complainant, and have taken appropriate measures with the respondents to ensure the safety of the campus.  Beyond that we cannot comment further on the situation.”

Henson and Houston are both wide receivers on the HBU football team.

Currently, Houston is in custody at the Harris County jail.

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