HOUSTON (KIAH) — A 21-year-old woman has died after a car crash that caused the vehicle to catch on fire in southwest Houston.

Around 10:45 p.m., officers said they saw a red Chevrolet Camaro on fire at 11544 South Gessner Road, in front of Welch Middle School.

Investigators said that a man and a woman were in the Camaro going northbound on Gessner when the vehicle struck the curb of a median in the road. The car then spun out of control and the passenger side, where the woman was sitting, struck a tree in the median, causing the car to split in two and then burst into flames.

When officers approached the Camaro, a man was outside trying to pull the woman out of the car.

Authorities tried to put out the fire, but fireworks inside the trunk began to detonate and everyone had to evacuate.

When firefighters arrived, it was too late to rescue the woman. The man, who was driving, was taken to a hospital and is expected to recover.

Police said that the driver was not impaired when the crash occurred, and no charges have been filed.