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CYPRESS, Texas– A paper route, mowing lawns and dog walking are all popular first jobs for young budding entrepreneurs.

But for 14-year-old Andrew Nichols, it’s always been cakes.

“I guess it started when my mom was a baker, it just got me very intrigued, she baked all my birthday cakes,” Nichols said.

For five years now, Andrew has been mastering his craft.

“I learned how to sculpt flowers and do a lot of the detail and the nitty gritty stuff that makes the cakes look very good,” Nichols said.

This isn’t just a lofty hobby, Nichols put together a business plan, investors (mom and dad) and has to continually manage inventory.

That’s how Andrews Artisan Cakes took off!

“We transitioned to me paying all of it, a self running business. I have forms that I fill out and it’s very organized.”

Each cake takes anywhere from 6 to 10 hours depending on the degree of difficulty and business is booming!

“I’m an all A student, so that always comes first, but I usually only take on about one cake a week, to two, for the school year,” Nichols said.

The money goes to paying for Boy Scouts and college fund, but the money isn’t really the main motivation.

“Seeing their faces that light up with joy or happiness, and they’re being surprised when they’re like ‘wow, I can’t believe you made that.’ That is a great feeling,” Nichols said.