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HOUSTON (CW39) – Lifestyle expert Courtney Bustillos joins CW39’s Maggie Flecknoe for this edition of Maggies Must Haves, featuring all the best in treats and products for your and your friends and family to enjoy throughout the year.

Diet is always important and if you’ve heard of the

Paleonola – Price: $8.99+

Available at most natural retailers. granola without the grain.

Paleonola is gluten free, no GMO, no soy, no dairy, no filters or preservatives, no artificial anything. They’re launching 3 new protein bar flavors: dark chocolate sea salt, ab & j (almond butter and jelly, chocolate chip).

Adams Apple Co. – Price: $9

Theresa Adams, creator of the Adams Apple Company, has vivid memories of her first apple butter encounter.  

As a little girl growing up in rural Illinois, she remembers watching it cook in a copper kettle on a family farm. She created her first recipe while in college, canning apple butter as Christmas gifts for family and friends. The annual tradition continued, and as fate would have it, she married an “Adams” in 1992. “Adams Apple Butter” was born. Over twenty years and thousands of homemade jars later, she now offers her perfected award-winning Adams Apple Butter to satisfied customers around the country who say, “It tastes like memories”.

Campfire Marshmallows – Price: Varies

Campfire® has been America’s premium marshmallow brand since 1917. Campfire Marshmallows is famous for its Giant Roaster marshmallows that are the size of your fist! These are perfect for making s’mores in the great outdoors or your own backyard,

They are gluten-free, allergen-friendly and free from artificial colors! Makes them perfect for a snack for the kiddos. They even have snack packs to add a special treat to their back-to-school lunch. 

They are available in Walmart and H-E-B Supermarkets in Houston!

Revival Ice Cream – Price: Varies

Revival Ice Cream

How does Revival Ice Cream begin to make a world of difference? It starts with fresh, natural flavors.

This is ice cream you’ll feel good about eating as you taste a combination of sustainable, organic ingredients that are in-season and locally sourced. Their honey comes from a local beekeeper, refreshing mint comes from Carmel-by-the-Sea, and herbs such as lavender and rosemary are grown right in their own backyard. Vegan options are also available. Ice Cream: Never settle for just one scoop! Revival Ice Cream offers seasonal flavors in addition to 13 signature flavors always on the menu. Fan favorite Bee’s Knees is an award-winner. Burnt honey, beeswax, and bee pollen are combined with creamy, organic custard and a crunchy honeycomb candy to create an ice cream worthy of all the buzz. Ice cream comes in 3 pints, 6 pints, or a half gallon.

WINEWISK – Price: $14.99

What’s the most difficult part of being a wine enthusiast? If you said waiting for your favorite beverage to aerate, you’re not alone. Although a proper wine needs time to breathe in order to bring out luscious flavors and aromas that make every sip more enjoyable, life would be a lot simpler if the process didn’t take so long. The wait is over for wine drinkers thanks to WINEWISK™. The newest aerator on the market attaches to the rim of your glass. Swirl your wine, make bubbles and release your wine’s full potential. Taste the before and after difference – this handy aerating tool might even teach you how to smell and taste wine like a sommelier, without the pressure, of course. Simply clip to your glassPour your wine – Take a few sips to know what the wine tastes like – Swirl the glass until bubbles form.

Wholesome Yum Foods – Price: Starting at $14.95

Wholesome Yum | Natural, gluten-free, low carb recipes Homepage

Yum Foods welcomes the “sweet” back into healthy eating with the first-ever line of sugar-free,
 zero-carb natural sweeteners that are not only zero calories and zero net carbs.

Happy Lappy

As you’re beginning to work on your holiday guides and features, there’s one new book I want to put on your radar. Set to publish this September,  “A Very Lappy Christmas” is a fun, illustrated read for the entire family. For the dog lovers in your life, it makes the perfect gift. A “Very Lappy Christmas” is a story that combines the magic of Christmas with self-acceptance, teamwork, and love.

In Kennett Square Pennsylvania, a Finnish Lapphund named Snowy lives with her  
seven brothers, their parents, their sister Brandi, a lovely rescue dog, and their human family. The young Lappies want to learn about their ancestors who herded reindeer in the Arctic for thousands of years, as well as their grandparents, parents, aunts, and uncles.

The Finish Lapphunds, Brandi, Steve, and Chris are all based on the author’s real family. Henrich was inspired to write about her dogs, as well as her family’s strength, determination, love, and support. This big family full of love has also had its challenges.

Attempting to take care of the puppies at four months old, Steve fell down a flight of stairs, the accident left him disabled.  Together they have moved forward and their journey inspired her to write this book focusing on love, strength, and determination.