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HOUSTON — It’s time to celebrate America! And lifestyle expert, Courtney Bustillos, joins morning dose.’s Maggie Flecknoe to share some 4th of July must-haves.

Blush and Blue

• Blush & Blue swaddle blankets are a must-have item for every baby! Made with our signature jersey knit blended fabric, they are incredibly soft with perfect stretch creating an easy and effective swaddle experience! Adding baby’s name as a part of the printed design is the perfect touch for a gift, name announcement or gender reveal. We use a single layer of fabric, providing a sturdy and yet breathable swaddle. The backside of the blanket is white.
• ALL of our products are printed, sewn and shipped from our production studio in Orem, Utah. We source and test our raw materials here in the US and take great pride in our handmade perfection.
• When you purchase from Blush & Blue you support the Never4Gotten program, which donates swaddles and bedding to orphans around the world.


This summer, be kind to your skin and use Purequosa, for all of life`s in between moments. Using clean products is becoming easier these days. You can now find many options that are chemical free and better for your health. Your skin is your body`s largest organ. Being kind to your body starts with reading product labels and researching how the ingredients interact with your body. Fewer ingredients listed is always better.

Most effective when applied before and after a workout – and/or several times throughout your day. Directly spray Purequosa on any part of your body – hands, face, neck, sweat zones and don`t forget your feet!

Just The Wine
• Just the Wine uses a process similar to that used in the wine-making process to adjust the levels of free sulfites to the desired concentration. Just the Wine drops combine with the free sulfites.
• Once bound both the free sulfites and just the wine drops become neutral. This is why you cannot taste the drops and the wine`s natural flavor is unaffected. The only time you will be able to taste the Just the Wine drops, is when all free sulfites have been neutralized and the drops are in excess.

Crapchute Bag
• The Shoulder Bag is light weight (2.5 ounces all in), made with a ripstop weave and will hold a massive load. This means you can hold a bunch of gear or groceries with only one bag!
• Holds up to 100lbs
• Two useable pockets
• Folds into attached pocket
• Ripstop fabric resists tearing
• Water-resistant fabric
• Mildew resistant

Safe Go
• It’s often hard to get that much-needed R & R when you’re worried about your valuables. With SAFEGO, no more having to keep a constant eye on your belongings while at the beach or asking someone to stay behind while the others play in the pool. This portable safe keeps your jewelry, cash, credit cards, cell phone, camera, passport and other valuables secure so all you have to worry about it is having fun!
• Designed for durability: SAFEGO is made of heavy duty ABS plastic that is nearly unbreakable
• Water, sand, salt resistant: feel relieved knowing that external weather forces pose no threat
• Patented lock functionality: patented lock mechanism is made of nickel-plated zinc alloy, making it rust and water-resistant
• Super lightweight: weighing only 1 1/2 pounds, SAFEGO is easy to carry and transport anywhere
• Custom combination and key access: open SAFEGO using your own 3-digit combination or with a key. Each SAFEGO comes with 2 keys
• Convenient earphone and charger accessibility: listen to your music or charge your phone while your valuables are still securely locked inside