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HOUSTON (CW39) It’s National Nutrition Month and Lifestyle Influencer Megan Thomas Head is here today with some great products to jump start your health and wellness with healthy habits and beauty brands.

Royal Hawaiian Orchards Macadamia Nuts

Royal Hawaiian Orchards’ roasted collection of macadamia nuts include six different tropical seasonings and are available nationwide.

CELSIUS Essential Energy Drink

CELSIUS Essential Energy Drink is better for you than any alternative energy drinks. CELSIUS is an energy drink clinically proven to accelerate metabolism, burn fat, burn calories, boost endurance and help build lean body muscle. Unlike traditional energy drinks you won’t be left with a crash or jitters.

Promera Health Immune Support

World’s First T-Cell Support Supplement

PROMERA HEALTH IMMUNE SUPPORT, is the first and only daily supplement designed to support immune systems by powering T Cell energy.

Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water, Gripe Water Night Time and Baby Gas Drops

Mommy’s Bliss is a trusted mom-created brand that for the last 20 years has developed a variety of safe and gentle baby, and children’s supplements and now a new line of mom products and a Kid’s Sleep Line.