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HOUSTON (CW39) Accelerate metabolism. Burn fat and calories. Build lean body muscle mass. Who doesn’t want that, right? It’s got 7 essential vitamins packed in. No sugar no artificial flavors colors preservatives none of the junk. It’s also not going to leave you with a crash or jitters that you can sometimes get with other energy drinks.

Lots of great flavor options. They have a new one called strawberry guava that is so refreshing and delicious and it’s only about $3 a can. You can easily find it at Target, CVS or Kroger and H-E-B. You’re going to love that stuff.

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Personal Trainer. Easy. Delicious. Lose weight. That’s like the trifecta, right? They deliver yummy weight loss meals that are precooked, flash frozen, straight to your door, making it so convenient. You literally just heat and eat and lose weight. Super simple and great for the whole family. personaltrainerfood.com is where you can find it.

It also comes with a subscription service to keep track of your progress with vitamins.

Watch the video below for more about these and more products that are all easy to find!

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