Masks, COVID class? WVU students on the fence about new protocol for fall semester

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MORGANTOWN, W.VA. (WTRF) — Students say they’re on the fence about the coming fall semester following West Virginia University’s announcement to host in-person classes with some new pandemic restrictions. 

I envisioned not wearing the mask; definitely not that. Just having a good time with all my friends but now it’s going to have to be less people around. And, I don’t know how that’s going to be, because I mean, welcome week was a big thing and now I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Kaitlyn Hodorowski, Incoming WVU Freshman

Weekends could get a little hairy when people go out on high street or are chilling in each other’s dorm rooms. But I do think like some of the food arrangements will end up working.

​Harley Benda, Senior WVU Broadcast Journalism Major

​WVU built a COVID-19 committee complete with a new set of rules from testing each student coming to campus, to wearing a mask in class. But, while some plans sound doable, there are hesitations about getting near 30,000 students on board. ​

You’re always going to have that tough guy that is like I’m not going to wear a mask. I can already see it. To come to school, they have to do an alcohol education course, and you can either take it or you can pay I forget the amount of money to kind of not worry about it and I guarantee there will be people who will try to pay their way out of the COVID course.

​Harley Benda, Senior WVU Broadcast Journalism Major

​But following a pandemic, most are just relieved to have a semester not through a screen; though it will be accelerated to wrap up by Thanksgiving; with finals online. ​

We did a little bit for the last couple weeks of school, And that (online learning) was like really hard. And they graded it based on participation. So, I wonder how it’s going to be like for WVU.

Kaitlyn Hodorowski, Incoming WVU Freshman

I don’t think I would be able to graduate on time/early if we weren’t able to have in-person classes.

​Harley Benda, Senior WVU Broadcast Journalism Major

 ​Some mountaineers will be coming in to this out-of-the-ordinary semester without a proper high school goodbye, but there is some gold and blue pride that is keeping the spirit alive. ​

This will be my first semester and hopefully there’s a football season, so I’m excited about that.

Kaitlyn Hodorowski, Incoming WVU Freshman

We’ve been through a lot from burning couches to sled riding on some hills that maybe we shouldn’t be. But, I feel like we’re pretty strong and can make it through it even if it’s improvised or last-minute decisions. I feel like we’ll still have a pretty good semester even though it will be a really weird one. ​

​Harley Benda, Senior WVU Broadcast Journalism Major

And as other colleges and universities come up with game plans for this fall semester, many students will be holding their breath; waiting to find out if they made the right choice. And some, like Harley, are still waiting to find out if they’ll even have a college graduation.



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