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“Houston, we’ve had a problem.” We all know of the famous phrase spoken by astronauts during the historic Apollo 13 mission, but few of us know about the brilliant team of NASA engineers who received the call. Morning Dose invites NASA employee Jerry Woodfill, who was among the first people on Earth to hear the emergency message, to share his experience from the mission evaluation room. Woodfill is the only person still working at NASA since both the Apollo 11 and Apollo 13 space missions. He takes us on a walk through memory lane and 54 years of experience with NASA. At the time of the Apollo 13 mission, Woodfill was a 24-years-old Rice University graduate and the team’s alarm system engineer. He and several other mission evaluation room staffers later received the Presidential Medal of Freedom for their efforts. In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, Woodfill will be making a special speaking appearance July 21 at the Way Church in The Woodlands.