Genius Missouri City teen’s inspiring journey to becoming a singer

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Daizha Moton realized her musical gift when she was just 3 years old.

The Missouri City teen is focused on excelling her dreams of becoming a singer. She performed on Morning Dose back in May as one of the winners for the Lyrics for Learning competition, which allows students to showcase their talents.

She earned a $2,000 scholarship and plans on using the money to grow the recording studio she set up in her bedroom.

“My mom used to play music in the kitchen and I really love this,” Daizha said. “It’s something, it’s amazing. I realized I could do this and I started singing.”

Shortly after, Daizha’s parent bought her a keyboard and by age 3 1/2, she was playing different tunes.

Later that year, her family submitted an audition tape for Oprah Winfrey’s “Most Talented Kids In America” episode, which showcased Daizha’s other talents like her photographic memory and oratory skills.

“It was a short video contest and Oprah really loved it and I was like wow she really liked this,” Daizha said.

Now at 14-years-old, she continues to put her photographic memory to use and recently decided to challenge herself.

“I decided to learn the 257 countries of the world,” Daizha said. “I know kids learn the Presidents and the states, but I decided to do something different.”

Daizha also started taking art classes this year to expand her skills, but music is her main goal.

“I love music, music is my passion and my goal for life,” Daizha said.

Her musical inspirations include artists like Alicia Keys and Whitney Houston. She also has posters of other artists like Al Green and Ron Isley hanging on her bedroom wall.

Daizha knows that accomplishing her dreams and trying to excel in other areas of her life can be a lot to balance but she credits her family for keeping her motivated.

“It’s a lot I know, but they always encourage me not to give up. And if this is really your dream to become someone one day then do it,” Daizha said.

She is starting high school this upcoming school year and is looking forward to geometry, biology and the new experience she’s getting ready to embark on.

As she prepares for this next chapter in her life, Daizha knows that her love for music will help her along the way.

“Music is inspirational, and it inspires me to be something, to be someone great one day,” Daizha said.

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