Moody Gardens introduces Golden Girls of Texas


GALVESTON (CW39) Heads up penguin lovers! Moody Garden is showing their affection for the little tuxedo animals on Penguin Awareness Day, by introducing the Texas Golden Girls, a few of their oldest Chinstrap penguins in captivity in North America.

The star of the show being Fox, the second oldest Chinstrap penguin. Fox hatched one day after the first oldest, who resides at SeaWorld San Antonio.

Chinstrap penguins in the wild have an average lifespan of about 15 to 20 years, while the oldest penguin at Moody Gardens turned 37 last month, according to Moody Gardens website.

Here are some more details on chinstrap penguins. The chinstrap penguin grows to a length of 68–76 cm (27–30 in) and a weight of 3.2–5.3 kg (7.1–11.7 lb), with the weight varying with the time of year.[3] Males are greater in weight and height than females, according to wikipedia.[5]

The adult chinstrap’s flippers are black with a white edge; the inner sides of the flippers are white. The face is white extending behind the eyes, which are reddish brown; the chin and throat are white, as well, while the short bill is black. The strong legs and the webbed feet are pink. Its short, stumpy legs give it a distinct waddle when it walks. The chinstrap penguin’s black back and white underside provide camouflage in the form of countershading when viewed from above or below, helping to avoid detection by its predators. [6]



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