MORE MONEY: Need a Job with a Bonus? An employee incentive program helps businesses provide big bonuses for new employees


Missouri City

HOUSTONTexas (KIAH) Times are difficult for a lot of people and a lot of businesses too. Many businesses can’t find enough employees, for the jobs they have available. So, one county is stepping up to the plate, to help out.

Fort Bend County is launching the “Get Hired” Employee Incentive Program. It’s a chance to help small businesses, impacted by the pandemic, get employees and prove new hires with extra cash. The program offers employers, hiring incentives, to attract employees. It also encourage individuals to apply for a job with these business, by offering them bonuses.

For instance, after 90 days of employment, if you pay your employee up to $15 an hour and they stay for at least 90 days, the program will help a business provide a bonus of $500. If you pay $15 to $20 an hour– an employee gets a $750 bonus. And if you are paying employees $20 to $25 and hour, it’s a $1000 bonus. Employers will also get paid a 10% administrative fee to cover any of their incurred cost to process the incentive.

Fort Bend County “Get Hired”

The “Get Hired” Program funded by the American Rescue Plan Act will launch on September 8th in an effort to help Small Businesses hire and retain new employees.

Eligible Businesses or Organizations

  • Business or not-for-profit organization is located and (business is generating revenue) in Fort Bend County.
  • Business/ Organization must have been active (incurring revenue & expenses) as of December 31,2020.
  • Revenue Requirements: $25,000 – $5,000,000 (as reported on 2020 Tax Return as gross sales and receipts).
  • Business/organization must have at least one (1) employee (or owner/employee) and no more than fifty (50) employees

This program supports small businesses and non-profit organizations with 1-50 employees and revenues between $25,000 and $5 million and encourages sustainable employment within this category of businesses. Business and non-profit organizations must be “active” as defined below and meet additional eligibility requirements.

Program participants receiving grants may develop individual guidelines that best serve their business needs so long as the outlined criteria for each grant tier is incorporated. To ensure program compliance, the incentive and program requirements must be adhered to, however, businesses may create ADDITIONAL criteria if needed to better meet the needs of their businesses. Participants in this program are advised to seek legal counsel and ensure that they abide by all applicable employment laws and fair employment practices.

Program Breakdown

The Get Hired! Employment Incentive Program is straight-forward and easy to follow. Interested employers register for the program BEFORE initiating the hiring process. Registration is as simple as logging in and submitting the necessary documentation. The grant review team will review the documents to ensure the business or organizations is active, eligible under the criteria established, and in good standing. Once confirmed as eligible, the business or organization can begin interviewing and hiring needed employees.

For the hiring incentive to be paid, the program requires the new employee to work an average of 20 hours or more per week and be in good standing (actively employed) after 90 days. Upon completion of the 90 day period, the employer will submit records which demonstrate the employee has met the work criteria. Once reviewed and approved, the county will pay the employer the incentive (to be paid to the employee) and a standard administrative fee (to be paid to the employer) that covers any incurred fees. For more information on how your business can join the incentive program contact the Fort Bend County Website.

Missouri City “Get Hired”

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