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MYSTERY WIRE – Is there a connection between UFO sightings and the bizarre mutilations of animals, especially cattle?

Across North America, there are a handful of locations where multiple, seemingly paranormal events are concentrated, including a ranching area in Elbert County, Colorado which is just southeast of Denver.

The public is now familiar with Utah’s Skinwalker Ranch, a place where, for decades, locals have reported a concentrated cornucopia of bizarre events including UFO sightings, orbs, unknown creatures, and grisly animal mutilations.

Skinwalker Ranch has been the focus of a documentary film and now has its own television program. But there are other similar hotspots.

The animal mutilation mystery first came to national prominence in the mid 70’s after hundreds of cattle (and a few horses) were discovered all over the state, many of them carved up with surgical precision. One of the areas that was hard hit by mystery mutilators was Elbert County, where ranchers endured a multi-year onslaught of weirdness.

Some of the evidence was presented at the recent UFO Mega Conference in Laughlin, Nevada.