3-year-old daughter of policewoman dies in hot car; left for 4 hours while officer visited boyfriend

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LONG BEACH, Miss. — An average of 40 kids die each year from being left in hot cars, and no parent is immune.

Officer Cassie Barker has been placed on administrative leave after investigators said she left her 3-year-old daughter in a running car for four hours as she went to visit boyfriend, Long Beach patrolman Clark Ladner. It was around noon when little Cheyenn Hyer was left in the car while outside the heat index reached over 100 degree. Cheyenn died.

Ladner has also been placed on administrative leave until an investigation is completed.

It was just last month when Florida firefighter Troy Whitaker left his 23-month-old child in a pickup truck for eight hours. Whitaker faces aggravated manslaughter charges.

However, some say it could happen to any parent. That’s why the Houston Fire Department wants to offer a few suggestions.

“Before you put your vehicle in the garage or park it in the drive way, look before you lock,” Sr. Capt. Ruy Lozano said. “We encourage you to put your cellphone in the backseat, so it serves two purposes. One, you’ll check the backseat before you get out. And two, you won’t be able to text and drive.”

Thirty-five kids have died so far this year in hot cars. Let’s make sure there isn’t a 36th.



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