35 underage drinkers arrested after officers raid wild Amish party

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MILLERSBURG, Ohio – Talk about an old-school party!

More than 40 officers raided a large Ohio field where a crazy party was going down — but we’re sure none of those officers expected they’d be busting 73, including 35 underage drinkers, at an Amish party!

The group of Amish parents tipped authorities off that illegal activities were taking place at a giant youth gathering over the weekend.

“(We) had a couple of undercover officers go in to look for underage drinking and drugs,” Holmes County Sheriff Timothy Zimmerly said.

The officers said it wasn’t long before they discovered plenty of offenders. Investigators said the guest paid $25 to get in, and the Amish party organizers even jumped on social media to promote the big Amish-fest.

Property owner Clarence White declared, “Everybody knows they’re gonna party,” said Clarence White, who owns the property. “They like to drink their beer and everything, so they’re gonna to party.”

White said Amish teens have been coming to his place for years, and have even ordained him ‘The Party Pope.’

However, this party pope said he doesn’t give his blessing to underage drinking. On the other hand, he hasn’t been asked to prevent it, either.

“Okay, we don’t check IDs or nothing,” White said. “The guy that rents the place has not asked us to do that, so therefore we don’t.”

“We’re working with Amish leaders of the churches in the community to try to keep their young children from doing this,” Zimmerly said.

Who knew the Amish were such party animals.


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