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HOUSTON (KIAH) – She may not be in kindergarten just yet, but she has the twinkle toes that just won’t stop! 4 year old Houston native Maya Dagan is a dancing force to be reckoned with, and her talent is already receiving national attention.

Maya is a 4 years-old ballroom dancer! According to Maya’s family, she’s been dancing since she was able to walk. In fact, she loves music so much, she could not help herself. Whenever she hears a beat, she starts moving!

In 2020, and at the height of the pandemic, Maya was only one and half years old. Her family wanted to find a place to express her energy and love for dance. But, it was hard to find a studio that was open to in-person classes nonetheless to accept a one and a half year old child. That’s when “Motion Dance Center” in Houston decided to help Maya. Her family goes on to say that Director Karen Deffner not only opened her
doors for Maya, but challenged her everyday and would not let her age limit her ability to learn.

In a short 3 years Maya has traveled from Houston to New York, California and many other places in between to compete as a ballroom dancer, and won numerous awards as well.

Courtesy: Maya Dagan Family

She loves everything about ballroom from dancing, especially the glitz and glam of the ballroom world. She has even been able to train with some of the best ballroom super stars and world champions, ever to hit the floor. And she is just getting started. She has already left an impression on those she has met, bringing a smile to both young and old in the process.

Congratulations again Maya for participating in the “Emerald Ball”— one of the most prestigious Ballroom competitions in America. And all the best as you represent Houston and all of Texas, at the National competition in Florida, next week.