Don’t get ghosted! 9 steps to landing a second date

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SAN FRANCISCO — With social media today, just a quick swipe right can have you well on your way to a first date.

But what about that second one? How do you avoid getting ghosted? One dating app says it’s as easy as 1-2-3! Uhhh…4-5-6-7-8-9?

The folks behind Coffee Meets Bagel surveyed more than 6,000 singles to dish up nine steps to ensure you find your way to that potential bae.

Chat it up first. Chat for more than a week before you go out the first time. Do so, and you’re twice as likely to make it to date number two.

Don’t be afraid to commit. Don’t wait for the weekend to schedule your first date. Those who made it to couple status did not.

Coffee: humanity’s best wing-man. Singles tend to want to ease into a new relationship with coffee or drinks, but couples who do dinner first are more likely to meet again.

Be sure to have a plan. A lot of people today think planning something together is the best way to go. But with 62 percent of successful couples, guys planned the first date. Maybe that Prince Charming sweeping you away fairy tale isn’t so outdated after all

Dudes don’t always have to pay. And men, don’t be fooled. Women want you to pay for the first date, the study said.

Don’t feel pressured to break the bank. Eighty percent of folks who made it to couplehood say so. Good news, though, dates don’t have to be too expensive. Seventy-three percent of couples say their first date cost less than $50.

It’s OK to reach first base on the first date (with consent, of course). Kissing on the first date is a good sign. Nearly half of singles smooch after a good first date. But couples? Not so much.

Hold off on that first text — but not too long! Then there’s the dreaded question every first-dater ponders: how long do you wait to text? Men’s Health says wait an hour but play it cool. Talk about something you laughed about rather than heavy topics like marriage, exes and kids.

How long do you wait to plan date number two? You don’t! Most folks who made it to couplehood planned their second date during the first date or the day after.

So swipe right, folks, there are plenty of fish in the sea. Heck! Even Brad Pitt’s up for grabs since Angie’s cut him loose. And now you have the tools to reel him in!


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