A 19-year-old Brit named Harry Potter gets caught with pot. What are the odds?

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YORK, England - “Expecto Patronum!” Not even a magic spell could save a teenage muggle in York England, -- he likely even tried his friend, Dobby.

But 19-year-old Harry Potter got caught with pot and tons of cash anyway. He plead guilty.

No flying broomsticks, in this story, either. Just a moped. Harry "pothead" was stopped by a cop with a nose that just knows. The cop smelled weed.

Potter first told police he was only buying it for himself, and selling anything extra to his college mates at cost. (Clearly there's no such thing as the Hogwarts School of Business.)

This dumble-doofus wasn't even making a profit.

Potter later admitted in the judge's chamber of secrets that he'd been dealing for quite a while. Now, he's headed to court for sentencing.

Even a guy named Harry Potter needs a real wizard of an attorney.


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