White cop sues for racial discrimination after finding out he’s part African

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HASTINGS, Mich. -- A Michigan police officer, who just found out he's part African, is suing the city he works for and the chief for half a million dollars because of racism.

Well, it all started when officer Cleon Brown, a 19-year-veteran with the Hastings Police Department, decided to take an ancestry DNA test.

"My oldest daughter was born with a medical issue and the specialist thought that maybe there's African heritage in out bloodline," said Brown.

And the results were surprising to Brown, who found out he's 18% African!

Brown said, "it answered a lot of questions that I had."

He says the moment he shared the news with his fellow officers at the Hastings Police Department, the work environment completely changed.

"They were real quiet to me, and in police work you have to communicate," said Brown.

And when he filed a discrimination complaint, Brown says things only got worse.

Even finding a black Santa Clause figurine marked "18% black" on a police station's Christmas tree.

Brown says he was publicly taunted.

The city attorney's office said in a statement, "it was Brown who joked about his heritage," claiming Brown said, "now I know why he "likes chicken so much" and "that the 18% was all in his pants."

Brown replied to the statement saying, "I don't joke like that. I can't even watch a movie with the GD word in it."

So we gotta ask, is Brown doing all of this for some extra cash? He says absolutely not!

Well, if he thought the work environment was hostile before, a lawsuit probably won't help.

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