Active shooting expert shares personal experience with school shootings


WACO, Texas – Douglas Parisi is a former police captain with over 20 years of experience with active shooter situations, specifically in schools.

Wednesday’s tragic news brings him back to his own school shooting experience in 1983 – when he was in junior high. He says schools are much better prepared now.

“And quite a lot of stuff that we still recommend today, which they put a school resource officer in the building, they put cameras on the doors. They gave two-way radios to some of the administrative staff, and they lock the doors during the school hours,” Parisi says.

Parisi says in Wednesday’s event, the school district followed crisis response planning and threat mitigation.

“In Mansfield, they did a great job securing the building, making sure that the shooter wasn’t still in their building. They did a great job going around and checking while the students were there,” says Parisi.

FOX 44 News reached out to local school districts – such as Killeen, Waco, and Midway ISD. They all share their thoughts and prayers for the students and educators in Arlington. They also say they are continuing to follow all of their standard safety protocols, but are not doing anything out of the ordinary at this time.

Parisi says school districts should work closely with local law enforcement during these times.

“Your number one priority is notification, so that law enforcements and routes and notifications….so that everybody in that building knows to go on lockdown.”

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