After 50 years of missing in action, Vietnam vet finally found

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STROUD, Okla.– 50 years after his chopper was shot down in the Vietnam War, a soldier from Oklahoma has finally been found.

Vietnam was a war that killed more than three million people, including 58,000 Americans.

And one of them was American helicopter flight engineer– Donald J. Hall.

Hall was shot down in February 1967along with three other crew members.

None of their remains were ever found during the war.

“I knew all along that he was missing and I knew that he would not be back alive,” Hall’s sister Louise Morgan

But Hall’s family never gave up hope they might somehow bring him home.

And for his grandson it became his life’s mission.

“I hit a lot of roadblocks for many, many years,” his grandson Aaron McGee admitted. “It was just in the last couple of years I made some really good progress and once I met the right person it snowballed from there.”

Last year, one of the crew members’ remains was finally found.

Then, in August a phone call came confirming that skeletal remains that were discovered were matched exactly to the DNA of Donald Hall.

“It’s one of those things that it was closure for me,” Morgan said.

But Hall’s grandson still does not feel at peace.

“The first question we asked was ‘what about the other two who are still missing?'” McGee questioned.

He says he won’t rest until those other two servicemen are found, too.

But now his grandfather will finally be buried in Arlington Cemetery next March.

“Their motto is that others may live and that everything they did to save a life at the expense of their own,” McGee explained.

And now after five decades of being Missing in Action, this Vietnam vet who made the ultimate sacrifice for his country is missing no more.



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