Alzheimer’s Association releases alarming new statistics

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HOUSTON– The Alzheimer’s Association has released alarming new information regarding memory loss and the rate in which the disease is growing.

According to the report, an American will develop memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s every 66 seconds this year and estimates that 47-million people worldwide suffer from some form of dementia.

“Alzheimer’s Disease is the 6th leading cause of death these days and there is currently no way to cure, prevent or slow the progression of the disease,” Jessica Abad Serpas with the Alzheimer’s Association said. “The most common misconception about Alzheimer’s is that it’s just a normal part of aging.”

Although the disease is mostly associated with the elderly, early onset Alzheimer’s can affect the young as well. The cost to care for a loved one living with the disease has grown to $259-billion without insurance or government funding.

“Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive and fatal disease that is incredibly difficult on families. The impact is a public health crisis,” said Serpas.

Whether you are currently affected by Alzheimer’s or not, no one is immune.

The latest stats practically guarantee that you’ll be affected in some capacity.



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