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HOUSTON — Ever wonder if your friends are snooping on your Facebook profile? Well, we’ve got bad news, they probably are!

New research from the University of British Columbia said that one in five people have accessed someone else’s Facebook account without permission!

“I know tons of girls who have tried to sneak on their boyfriend’s Facebook. It’s when they leave it up on their computer,” Caroline Berry said.

So, what motivates nearly 24 percent of people to stick their nose in someone else’s business?

“I guess they don’t trust their boyfriends? Trust issues? And I feel like social media has kind of warped our proper thought process on that” Berry said.

“I’ll admit, I’ve checked my boyfriend’s Facebook messages before just because I was curious to see what people were trying to talk to him,” Emily Lutz said.

But there are ways to avoid being Face-jacked— or having someone sneak into your account while you’re away.

First, be sure to log out of your account whenever you use it on a computer. Seriously though, who still uses Facebook on a computer?

But your phone isn’t as safe as you think, one trip to the bathroom is all it takes for someone to sneak a peek.

“I think it’s really easy to gain access to other people’s Facebook pages. I know that mine doesn’t log me out of mine on my phone, so anybody that gets in my phone will go through it,” Lutz said.

Also, setting up a fingerprint lock on your phone is a sure-fire way to keep people from creeping.

Then there’s always the option of not being shady in the first place.

“Pretty sure my girlfriend goes through my Facebook messages, which I’m fine with. If you don’t have anything to hide, it really shouldn’t be a problem anyway,” Daniel Samick said.

But if you’ve got cyber secret, be weary of wandering eyes.