WACO, Texas – As the holiday season kicks off, now is the perfect time for porch pirates to steal right off your front porch.

Hewitt police chief James Devlin suggests a few alternative delivery methods such as requiring a signature, using nondescript packaging, or using a locker or pickup location.

Chief Devlin says it’s important to get to know your neighbors for many safety reasons including asking them to take your packages inside if you’re not home.

“For us, it’s extremely important,” Chief Devlin said. “It’s the beginning process of crime prevention and or neighborhood watch.”

If your package does get stolen, Chief Devlin says to call law enforcement right away.

“We may be able to catch them there, and if we don’t catch them at that point in time, this is not going to be the only location they go to attempt still packages from,” Chief Devlin said. “They’re going to continue in these areas and go through these neighborhoods.”

Chief Devlin has a warning for porch pirates.

“Be prepared to be held accountable for it, because you’re going to get caught,” Chief Devlin said. “It’s just inevitable.”

It is also important to ensure your package will arrive by being smart when ordering online.

Chief Devlin says to make sure the site is safe and reputable.

“Making sure that you’re buying it from a place that you are for sure is a legitimate business because there are many websites that are fictitious that scammers will put together that look like a business’s website,” Chief Devlin said.

Also, Chief Devlin says not to use public wifi when shopping online.