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NEW YORK— The “Big Apple” has just gotten a lot bigger after introducing a new species to its population.

A man carrying a baby werewolf has been causing quite a scare around the NYC streets. The man and his furry baby even have matching outfits.


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Pictures of the spooky duo quickly began making their rounds on social media after Twitter user, ‘the korns’ tweeted, “the man & the man’s matching puppet are still sitting across from me on this train & i can’t bring myself to ask him why or engage him in any way.”

As the post quickly went viral, others started posting their sightings of the proud papa and his toddler.

FX Artist Asia Eriksen

After much speculation it was finally revealed that the baby lycanthrope is a creation of FX artist Asia Charity Eriksen.

The tiny werewolf replicas are called Werepups and can be purchased online and customized by color, gender, height and weight.

The silicone Werepups range in price from $650 to $1000.

There are even smaller options that are priced as low as $150. Additional add ons like glass eyes, magnets and claws can be purchased at an additional fee to give your pup the most life-like appearance as possible.


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