Battle of Atlanta cyclorama painting is more than a BFD— it’s just plain BIG!

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ATLANTA — The Battle of Atlanta, a circular Civil War painting, is loaded with superlatives. Cranes are expected to pluck a colossal painting depicting a Civil War battle from an Atlanta museum that was its home for nearly a century. The painting, sliced in two and rolled onto enormous steel spools, will be placed on two flatbed trucks for a 12-mile journey to its new home, the Atlanta History Center in the city’s Buckhead neighborhood.

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Here’s more about the artwork that is being moved to a new home in Atlanta:

42 Height of painting in feet

49 Height after restoration in feet

359 Circumference in feet

371 Circumference in feet after missing piece is restored

12,000 Estimated weight of painting in pounds, including fiberglass backing

14 Number of panels

7-8 Amount in feet of sky that will be returned to top of painting

6 X 49 Size in feet of vertical section trimmed to fit into the old building; it will be repainted in the new building.


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