Bizarre fashion items will make your skin crawl

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BRISBANE, Australia - We've got breaking news:  Fashion is dead!

At least it is to one clothing designer selling jackets made of human flesh! Okay, okay, it`s not real human flesh. That would be disgusting, and illegal. But it does look real.

It`s actually made out of latex and silicone, sewn by hand, into a bizarre design. The description actually reads: “Amazing quality, very gruesome skin jacket will make sure you stand out in the crowd.”

No doubt!

Kayla Arena is the brains behind the human skin jacket. We've got a feeling, she won't be selling a rash of 'em!

In other funky fashion news...

From outerwear to underwear, and this item's just for men.

If you're spending valuable time tucking and re-tucking your shirt, there's good news, guys! The garter belt. They’re not just for women or "sweet transvestites" anymore.

The S-Holder is the brainchild of 21-year-old Nik Vene from Slovenia. It's kind of a hybrid, where the garter belt meets the suspenders and promises a perfect tuck at all times.

Regarding fashion news, we're happy to provide you with a little nip and tuck!



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