Blind waiter at New Jersey diner dishes out inspiration to others

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HASBROUCK HEIGHTS, N. J. – Talk about flying blind!

A waiter at the famous Bendix Diner in New Jersey is serving up a lot of inspiration on the job because at first glance, customers may not realize just what they see.

“Yeah, the special. I’ve got it, don’t worry,” a waiter says as he delivers an order from the kitchen to his customer’s table.

John Diakakis is not your typical waiter at a diner.

“I’m probably the only blind waiter in the state, possibly in the country,” John humbly admits. “No one’s that crazy to do this, right? With hot coffee and hot teas.”

That’s right. John is completely blind.

He’s been blind since birth, but that doesn’t stop him from living life to the fullest.

“Okay, Ritchie, I’ll see you at church,” he tells a faithful customer.

And when it’s time to make change, talk about the honor system!

“$9.35? Out of how much?” John asks.

“Ten,” a customer responds.

Amazingly, John knows just which bills and coins to hand back.

Let’s face it, some waiters have trouble with that even when they can see the cash!

And John does such a good job at the diner, he’s waited on celebrity clientele like Michael J. Fox and Jerry Seinfeld!

“He’s amazing. A lot of customers come in, they don’t even know he’s blind,” regular customer Richard Barnitt declared.

John’s son, Tony, also works alongside his dad at the diner.

“It sure is an inspiration. I mean, it makes me feel like lots of things are accomplishable in this world, like no matter what deficiencies you come across,” Tony proudly shared.

“Like getting accepted to Harvard,” John added.

Yep, John’s son just got accepted to Harvard University and a dozen other schools, too.

“Even sometimes I come here in a bad mood, and you see a customer or two— and you become a different person,” John revealed.

It’s no wonder the best thing on the menu here is a plate full of inspiration!

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