Boyfriend high on Meth allegedly chops off the head of his girlfriend’s accused rapist

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BALL CLUB, MN - Murder among Facebook friends?

A grisly discovery made on a dirt road in Ball Club, Minnesota leads to a dark, twisted tale of sex, drugs, and murder capped off with a sick beheading!

Police say Joseph Thorenson, 35, has been charged with murder after he was arrested following a high speed chase in a stolen car.

The headless body of the car's owner, David Haiman,  was found in the woods on Sunday.

A material witness told police that Thorenson had killed Haiman by bludgeoning him in the head with a baseball bat, stabbing him in the lungs, and then chopping off his head!

Police interviewed Thorenson's girlfriend who claims he placed Haiman's head in a plastic bag and then tossed it into the woods.

Why? The girlfriend claims that Haiman had raped her  and when she told her boyfriend,  Thorenson apparently came unhinged!

Now remember -- this is a trio of 'friends.' Well, not anymore...

Court documents show that the couple attacked Haiman when he came over to their apartment.

Thorenson's girlfriend told police that during the brutal crime, Thorenson punched and beat Haiman...telling him that he shouldn't have raped "my girl."

The couple allegedly tied up Haiman and drove him in his own car to the tiny town of Ball Club, and then smoked Meth before the murder took place.

Now residents are freaked out!

"It makes me feel like I don't live in a place as safe as I thought," bartender Danielle Villeneuv reflected. "You don't hear about that kind of stuff."

"What they did put a scar on this community," another resident said.

Thorenson sits behind bars now facing 40 years for a second-degree murder charge.

And folks in Ball Club just hope their kids can get back to playing ball again.


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