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SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – Burger King’s new ad campaign features a moldy Whopper, but it isn’t for sale.

In a statement, the fast-food chain said it’s letting the burger rot to make a statement, showing that mold “can be a beautiful thing.”

Burger King said it highlights removing artificial preservations from the Whopper in most European countries and in select U.S. markets.

The ad is a time-lapse referencing the number of days that have passed since the sandwich was prepared, thus showing the growth of mold.

The ad includes a line that reads, “The beauty of no artificial preservatives.”

Burger King has launched a new campaign featuring a moldy Whopper. / Burger King

According to the company, a Whopper with no preservatives, colors, or flavors from artificial sources is now available in 400 U.S. locations and will reach all restaurants throughout the year.

Burger King also announced that more than 90% of food ingredients at its restaurants are free from colors, flavors, and preservatives from artificial sources.