Caterpillar sting sends 2-year old to emergency room

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PORTSMOUTH, VA - In Portsmouth, Virginia, a little sting from the puss caterpillar sent 2-year-ol Chloe Hicks to the hospital. Chloe and her mom, Melissa, were sitting on the deck in their backyard when Chloe's hand barely brushed the furry caterpillar, accidently.

Her mother Melissa says, "By the time I got to the emergency room, the rash had spread up her forearm and was heading up towards her shoulder.  It was just awful, because she couldn't really tell me what was wrong. All she could do is scream and cry."

Thankfully, Chloe quickly recoverd and will be okay.

These kind of caterpillars usually live in trees, or you can find them hanging out on a wooden ddeck like Chloe did, but if you do find one, then make sure to don't touch it, or you might be sorry.

Doctor Elenor Kurtz of the Bon Secours Medical Associates says, "If you touch their fur, or their spines and hair, you can actually get the little barbs stuck in your skin and that pressure on that gland will release a little bit of the venom."

They say it feels like a pretty strong bee sting, but has more severe after effects like swelling rashes and stomach sickness.

Just talking about it makes you want to go into a cocoon.


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