Caught on Camera: Police in Ohio get led on a wild turkey chase

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CLEVELAND, Ohio - "Alright, come here! Come here!" a Cleveland police officer screamed at the bird.

No, this is not a wild goose chase, but it is a wild turkey chase!

"Here, it's coming your way! Ugh, that's gotta be impossible!" the officer yelled out during the chase....which is caught on the police officer's bodycam.

Police in Cleveland, Ohio got a lot more than they bargained for when they answered a turkey call.

No, really!

"Be advised, we got a wild turkey in parking lot by ACE Hardware," an officer calls in to headquarters.

This wild turkey was terrorizing a parking lot, and officers found out in a hurry this bad bird meant business!

"They say he'll peck your eyes out," the officers tells a bystander. "Grab him, Janelle!" he calls out.

The brave officers discovered they were dealing with one crafty critter.

"No, just every time we go to get him, he flies over our head," the officer tells a motorist. "That thing's booking!"

Police dispatches went on and on....warning about the wayward turkey.

"Turkey's hanging out over here," a radio call went out.

Police called for backup-- not from the SWAT team, but from a wildlife expert who could tame that turkey.

But then they got some bad news.

"Wildlife is not allowed to touch the turkey," police headquarters informed the officers in the field about the Wildlife Department's representative.

In the end, the cops were forced to surrender.

"Alright, I'm complete. This turkey's got the best of us," the officer calls in.

Yep, it took someone making a citizen's arrest to finally grab the gobbler!

"SAM 23, you got the turkey in custody?"

"Of course," the officer responded.

Geez, what a turkey!


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