Chilling video shows Paris attacker trying to shoot woman, gun doesn’t fire

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PARIS — It’s a moment of horror almost too chilling to watch.

As three teams of terrorists fanned out across Paris on Nov. 13, eventually killing 129 people, surveillance video from one cafe — obtained by the Daily Mail — shows shocked patrons scattering and trying to hide under tables and chairs as bullets spray through the windows.

A woman takes refuge behind the door of the restaurant.

Within seconds, a man (shown circled in red) holding what appears to be an AK-47 machine gun approaches the woman and pulls the trigger inches from her head.

But the gun does not fire. He then lifts his weapon, and walks away.

The extraordinarily lucky diner leaps up and makes a run for it, followed closely by another customer crouching nearby.

The footage, shot from three different angles, also shows a woman running inside the restaurant clutching her wrist and ducking behind the counter where she is comforted by a waitress.

Staff who had fled into a downstairs area later emerge and herd customers to safety in the basement.

Remarkably, no one was reported killed during this particular attack. The name and exact location of the restaurant has not been named for security reasons.

The gunman in the footage is believed to be 26-year-old Salah Abdeslam, according to the Daily Mail, an attacker who is still on the run.

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