Colorado Middle School Teaches Kids How To Use Guns

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Pueblo County, CO - Some Colorado kids and teachers are bringing a whole new meaning to "guns in school."

As seventh grader Tristin Baker put it, "I'm out here, I'm ready to shoot! I'm ready to have some fun!"

That's right, a middle school about two hours away from the infamous Columbine High School is teaching kids to how to use guns, and their classroom is a firing range.

"It's kind of hard but pretty easy as long as you know what you're doing," Baker declared.

In this case, instructors say the emphasis is on gun safety. "We are teaching them how to hold and aim the rifle, how to fire a shot correctly, how to be safe in their handling," class instructor Pete Lessler said.

An organization called "Project Appleseed" brought the program to the middle school.

And parents seem to be supportive. "I'm actually very excited," Brandi McKinney, one of the parents in attendance, shared. "I'm actually very encouraged that the school has decided to teach the young kids how to do this type of stuff."

But this mom says she was a bit nervous about the actual gunfire. "I actually have always been kind of a little apprehensive about it, but I do honestly think that knowledge is important," McKinney added.

Of course, if this program catches on who knows what's next for kids on campus?



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