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HOUSTON — Now that Richard Carranza is pretty much out as HISD’s superintendent, the board of trustees has a job to do— and it’s a biggie!  They have to find his replacement.

According to State Representative Carol Alvarado, “We’re facing school closures. We’re facing job losses and constant scrutiny from the Texas Education Agency.”

The board has a few options:  appoint a short-term interim superintendent, appoint a long-term interim, or make a permanent choice to run the state’s largest school district.  Tomorrow they will discuss all three. Wednesday, they got an earful about how they should conduct the process, mostly from leaders within the Hispanic community.

Dr. Laura G. Murillo is on the board of the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

“We continue and will be adamantly involved in this process at the table looking for that transparency,” Murillo said.

“We are here in full support of our colleagues,” says Al Maldonado with LULAC. “We stand ready to work with the board and the various stakeholders insuring that the selection of the interim and permanent superintendent is fair.”

The Houston Community College also weighed in today. “Let us be a part of this process with you,” says Dr. Adriana Tamez. “Include the Hispanic community in the selection of the new superintendent.”

Elizabeth Santos is on the HISD board and says the trustees want the exact same thing.

“We want transparency and inclusion and to make sure that everybody`s voice is heard,” she said.

HISD enrollment is above 214,000. Carranza surprised Houston by taking the chancellor’s job for New York City’s public schools after just 18 months on the job.

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